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As the weather grows colder, many people's thoughts turn to warm and cheery fires burning in the fireplace while others will secure firewood to heat their homes by a wood burning stove or heater. What ever method is used for an in-home fire, consumers who do not chop their own wood must find a ready source of quality firewood. However, before ordering wood, it is particularly important for consumers to understand the proper method in which the wood is measured and the amount they are to receive.

The Ohio Department Of Agriculture is responsible for enforcing Ohio's Laws in regards to the definition, sale, and unit of measurement for fireplace and/or stove wood. Local county auditors also enforce Ohio's Weights and Measures laws. In order to protect consumers, the following laws are strictly enforced by ODA's Division of Weights and Measures: The National Conference on Weights & Measures has a brochure on buying firewood. A copy can be downloaded from the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Weights & Measures web site at : http://www.ohioagriculture.gov/pubs/divs/wght/frms/Firewood.pdf.

1. Firewood, in non-packaged form, is sold by a measurement called a "cord" or "fraction of a cord." A "cord" is defined as 128 cubic feet when the wood is neatly stacked in a line or row as indicated in the diagram below. A standard "cord" would be 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high.


2. Measurement terms such as "rick," "rack," "face cord," "pile," or "truckload" are strictly prohibited when advertising or selling firewood or stove wood.

3. Fireplace or stove wood is defined as: any kindling logs, boards, timbers, or other wood. The logs may be whole or pre-split.

4. Sellers must provide buyers with an invoice which shows the seller's name, address, phone number, price per cord, total amount, and the type of wood purchased.

5. Buyers should record the license plate number of the wood delivery truck. The delivered wood should be stacked in a cord or fraction of a cord. Measure the stack (width times height times length) and contact the seller immediately if you did not receive the quantity purchased. If you discover a problem with your purchase, it is helpful to take a picture of the stacked wood. If the seller can't or won't correct the problem, contact our office at 513-946-4130.