Unclaimed Funds

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The following link provides the detail of outstanding warrants issued by the Auditor's Office that are deemed to be unclaimed. These warrants were issued within the past five years in the amount of $1,000 or more. Until an outstanding check is over 365 days old, it is not considered unclaimed and therefore will not be part of this list of unclaimed warrants.
Click here to continue to the list of Auditor's outstanding warrants.
Click here for instructions for claiming funds from the list of Auditor's outstanding warrants.

An unclaimed inheritance list can be found at the Auditor's Estate Tax page. This list identifies unclaimed moneys from estates and provides the web address for the Hamilton County Probate Court for obtaining additional details.

For unclaimed funds pertaining to forfeited land sales and weekly foreclosure sales handled by the Sheriff's Office, please contact the Common Pleas Division of the Clerk of Courts Office. The phone number is 513-946-5661.

For tax sale excess funds, please contact the Clerk of Courts Office at 513-946-5661 or go to http://www.courtclerk.org/forms-filings/excess-funds-forms/ .

For other unclaimed funds received from various County departments and paid into the County treasury, please contact the specific department to obtain details on its unclaimed funds; that detail is not provided to our office.